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Lori Wade on Top 3 Data Priorities for Intelligence Community

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Lori Wade, chief data officer for the Intelligence Community within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, said one of her top priorities for the IC is achieving data interoperability at scale and speed.

She said the IC should collaborate with industry and academia to advance the adoption of enterprise data services and serve as the foundation of a data-centric ecosystem that pursues the use of machine-enabled analytics.

“Second, we need end-to-end data management planning for the collection and acquisition of data – from why the data is being collected to who will use the data and how,” Wade said in an interview published Thursday.

“If data is an IC asset, then we need a plan for it. We need to plan and solve for the intersection of data integration and mission insight,” she added.

Another priority for Wade is improving the IC workforce’s data tradecraft and acumen.

“It is critical for the IC workforce now and in the future to understand how to work with data and stay current on the ever-changing digital and data landscape for not only Artificial Intelligence or AI, but all the emerging technology to coming,” she noted.

Wade said she intends to enhance the speed of data sharing to support missions by working tech and thought leaders to come up with tactical and strategic options as well as advance diversity and inclusion initiatives.