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GovCon Expert Steve Orrin Discusses Confidential Computing; Government Cloud Security

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GovCon Expert Steve Orrin, chief technology officer and senior principal engineer at Intel Federal, participated in a recent interview with the Cloud Security Podcast to explore the impact that cloud computing capabilities are having on the federal government to handle sensitive data, Azure Confidential Computing and the reason why handling data for the government is different.

“What’s different about government applications? There are regulations for federal agencies and at the core, the reason is that government data is critically important. For the data to become actionable and operate for the U.S. military or the intelligence community, the security of all that data is critical and must be protected from adversaries,” GovCon Expert Steve Orrin explained.

Orrin also detailed the fact that any government has a different set of requirements than the other sectors across the landscape like the private, financial, or health sectors. He explained that all of those industries have extremely sensitive data with regulatory requirements, but the government has a higher bar for their systems and national security efforts to ensure sustainable protection. 

Throughout the interview, GovCon Expert Steve Orrin also discussed the shift in trust between CSPs and the federal government as well as the controls to protect data sovereignty, the different levels of maturity in Azure, and the role of zero-trust architecture in confidential computing. 

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During a recent Executive Spotlight interview, Steve Orrin shared his thoughts regarding the impact of zero-trust on government agencies and the difficulties they are having to implement ZTA and renew the government’s focus on data security. Here’s an excerpt from the Spotlight with Orrin: 

“The first thing to recognize is that zero-trust is an approach. It’s not a product or a piece of technology that you can plug and play. There’s no silver bullet,” Orrin explained. “Many people are under the impression that zero-trust means going back to zero and throwing away everything you’ve done before. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Zero-trust builds off defense-in-depth and risk-based approaches to security but takes us to the next level.” 

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