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GovCon Expert Steve Orrin Explores Securing End-to-End Computing for Round Table Discussion

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GovCon Expert Steve Orrin, chief technology officer and senior principal engineer at Intel Federal, participated in a recent round table discussion alongside CACI CTO Glenn Kurowski and Chris Oliver, CEO of ID Technologies to explore the importance of end-to-end computing, why it is needed and who it’s needed for in the technology industry.

During the discussion, GovCon Expert Steve Orrin shared his invaluable insights into the critical aspects of commercial technologies that can support the various mission models that can scale and the organizations that develop a software-defined network with a common infrastructure to move between these necessary capabilities and platforms. 

“That’s really what Intel brings to the table,” Steve Orrin explained. The computing, as well as the software-defined and enabled security throughout the stack from the cloud to the edge and through the network, provides an approach that is multi-mission, multi-program to scale with the different mission spaces and build that software or that service and deploy it everywhere.”

GovCon Expert Steve Orrin explained that will be a significant factor in the transformation of the government into more of a dynamic and agile environment where anyone can build on their mission capabilities across multiple mission platforms at the enterprise level as well as at the tactical edge. 

In addition, Orrin also discussed the go-to-market strategy for these companies to deliver those capabilities into the hands of the federal workforce and into the tactical mission specifically. He explained that as we look across the federal government to digitally transform and modernize the infrastructure from the cloud through the network and the remote workforce, it requires taking a different approach to how to secure that infrastructure. 

“It’s an end-to-end more holistic approach, which means looking at the cloud and the back end on-prem hybrid architectures and multi-cloud architectures that are the transforming network of connectivity,” Steve Orrin explained. 

“As we look at these next-generation services, software-defined architectures and deployment models, we need to be able to transform the way does things while also maintaining the security they need to complete their mission and protect data and applications at scale.”

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