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CGI Lands $34.4M Task Order from US Marines to Grow Inventory Tracking Program

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CGI has won a four-year, potential $34.4 million task order from the U.S. Marine Corps to introduce the company’s Marine Corps Platform Integration Center (MCPIC) program to five new Marine bases.

Under the contract, CGI will grow its MCPIC program from three currently active bases to eight, the information technology and business consulting firm announced Thursday.

MCPIC digitally tags equipment via automated identification technology and Internet of Things sensors to allow for a streamlined inventory management.

“We proudly support USMC’s most complex, vital tasks—effectively managing their supply chain in delivering mission-critical equipment and supplies to the right place, at the right time,” said CGI Vice President Chris Hetman.

With CGI’s help, USMC hopes to achieve total asset visibility. The MCPIC program uses passive radio frequency identification to keep tabs on items and equipment on a global level and has already accomplished successful recovery missions.

D.W. Elzie, USMC Deputy Commander, remarked that CGI’s contributions to maintaining inventory tracking and compliance scores have been “critical,” making a “considerable impact on [USMC’s] operational baseline.”

CGI has been working with the USMC on projects for over three decades.

Recently, in January 2022, CGI partnered with the Department of the Interior to develop a modernized data management environment (DME) for the collection and disbursement of federal and Indian royalties.

Like the MCPIC, their DME is an automated system to streamline data.

On the defense side of things, in November 2021, CGI landed a spot on the General Services Administration’s IDIQ ASTRO contract, where it will compete for funding for services related to development, integration, operation and maintenance, as well as robotics.

GSA’s ASTRO contract is sponsored by the Department of Defense.