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Notable CI Practitoners Discussed How to Maintain Competitive Advantage During ArchIntel’s AI in Competitive Intelligence Virtual Event

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ArchIntel AI in CI Virtual Event

During ArchIntel's AI in Competitive Intelligence Virtual Event on Oct. 22nd, notable executives within the competitive intelligence landscape united on a panel to discuss how market and competitive intelligence have shifted as emerging technologies are integrated into solutions.  

The expert panel addressed how the competitive marketplace has evolved with the surge of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), as well as how businesses can remain competitive in the marketplace.

If you missed the event on October 22nd, you can still access the OnDemand version by visiting ArchIntel Events.

The panel hosted Suki Fuller, fellow with The Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows; Fred Hoffman, interim chairman and assistant professor of Intelligence Studies of Mercyhurst University; and Arik Johnson, chairman of Aurora Worldwide Development Corp. Following his opening address, August Jackson, senior director of Market and Competitive Intelligence with Deltek, moderated the panel. 

Emerging technologies have influenced the way people think about competitive intelligence, and it has changed where businesses fit into the community based on their offerings. “You are able to look at your business, see what you can do better, then leverage technology to benefit your profession,” Hoffman said.

Fuller added that AI has made people more aware of their biases, as well as where they get their information. AI has helped verify sources faster, but practitioners have to be aware of what those sources are because of the presence of deep fakes and fake news. 

“As a CI practitioner, due diligence may have taken you a week to verify the veracity of information. At the same time, you have to be aware of where your information comes from regardless of how it’s collected. You have to be aware of your biases. Just because it has been right in the past, doesn’t mean it will be right in the future,” Fuller said.  

In addition, the panel analyzed emerging technologies that have the potential to change the way competitive intelligence is conducted.

To watch the full event, visit ArchIntel Events to learn how notable leaders are struggling to maintain a competitive advantage through integrating emerging technologies into their organizations and offerings.