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CIA’s Juliane Gallina on Artificial Intelligence, IT Franchise Model

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Juliane Gallina
Juliane Gallina

Juliane Gallina, chief information officer of the CIA and a 2020 Wash100 Award winner, told FedTech Magazine in an interview published Thursday that she believes artificial intelligence is meant to be paired with people and augment their capabilities.

“I can say in a very general sense that we employ artificial intelligence to do things like augment the work of analysts to improve accuracy and the scale and speed of what they can do, to improve the exploitation of data in all media,” Gallina said.

She noted the role of human language technologies in the translation and triage of foreign language. “We’re also finding there’s a place for human language technologies and assistance technology for people with disabilities in our community. And we’re using it with good effect in cybersecurity and counterintelligence,” Gallina added.

Gallina also shared her views on the newly established directorate of digital innovation, the digital futures organization and on the information technology franchise model, which seeks to provide mission areas more control when it comes to buying and using IT.

“I think the franchise is an area where we do see innovation, because we’re able to work with these mission-focused end users to help them build things that are going to become part of the enterprise,” she said.