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OMB Updates Federal Guidance on Budget Preparation, Execution

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Jeff Brody

The Office of Management and Budget issued an updated document on Friday to guide federal agencies as they prepare their budget requests for fiscal year 2021 and report their information technology spending, Nextgov reported Monday. The update to Circular A-11 includes a new section on measures to manage customer experience and enhance service delivery.

Section 280 requires agencies to annually assess how their initiatives with citizen-facing services meet the core CX functions: governance and strategy, measurement, culture and organization, service design and customer understanding.

High-impact service providers should come up with annual action plans containing several components: organization/accountability, CX program maturity, CX data collection and metrics and CX delivery improvement. Self-assessments should be submitted to OMB by Jan. 31, 2020, while action plans are due March 31, 2020. 

OMB also added the Technology Business Management framework to the document’s section on IT investments. Under this update, agencies should provide more granular data for IT spending by classifying costs into IT Towers and IT Cost Pools and submitting information on operations and maintenance and development, modernization and enhancement for each investment.