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Commerce Seeks Public Input on Identifying Emerging Technologies

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The federal government is enlisting the public’s help to identify emerging technologies with the goal of regulating their distribution in the interest of national security. The Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security on Nov. 19 issued an advance notice of proposed rulemaking, calling on the public to comment on criteria that could be used in an interagency process to identify emerging technologies.

Of particular interest to the government are novel technologies from a number of innovation categories, including artificial intelligence, biotechnology, additive manufacturing and advanced surveillance. The BIS added that the public’s comments will help pinpoint the appropriate control regimes that will be imposed on the emergent technologies.

“This interagency process is anticipated to result in proposed rules for new Export Control Classification Numbers on the Commerce Control List,” the BIS noted.

Interested parties have until Dec. 19 to respond to the ANPRM.