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GSA’s Martha Johnson on Green Goals for 2011

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GSA Administrator Martha Johnson, Photo: gsa.gov

Writing on the White House blog, General Services Administrator Martha Johnson said 2010 was a “historic” year for the agency and its efforts to “go green,” and she provided a glimpse of what to look for in 2011.

GSA took the lead in developing sustainable buildings, Johnson said, to spearhead federal efforts to reduce government greenhouse gas emissions by 28 percent by 2030.

“Moving forward,” she wrote, “all GSA construction projects will achieve at least a LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for GSA’s use of cutting-edge and sustainable design and technology.”

After President Barack Obama called for a 30 percent reduction in petroleum use stemming from federal vehicles, GSA heeded the call by doubling the federal government’s hybrid car fleet.

“The increase in fuel efficiency will reduce federal petroleum consumption by over 20 million gallons of gas, saving taxpayers almost $65 million over five years,” she said.

GSA has also gone to the supply chain, itself, to make greener purchases.

More than 60 companies enrolled in the GreenGov Supply Chain Partnership and Small Business Pilot, Johnson said. GreenGov is a collaboration between the federal government and contractors to “green” the supply chain, by creating incentives for contractors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Even after a year of success, Johnson said she is already looking ahead in the calendar.

“GSA’s progress toward a more sustainable government in 2010 will have lasting impacts,” she wrote. The agency’s green construction projects will continue to create jobs and it continue to add hybrid cars to the federal fleet.

“GSA will continue to pursue bipartisan solutions that support American businesses, create jobs, and leverage the purchasing power of the government to drive a clean-energy economy,” she added.

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