John Berry

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JohnBerryAs director of the United States Office of Personnel Management, John Berry is responsible for recruiting, hiring and setting benefits policies for almost two million federal civilian employees. Berry works with partners both inside and outside of government to create flexible, results-oriented HR policies and to change how Americans view their public servants.

Berry’s career in the federal government spans over more than 20 years. He is an advocate for public service and federal workers. He first developed expertise in federal employee and retirement issues when serving as legislative director for Congressman Steny Hoyer of Maryland (now majority leader).

Before serving as legislative director, Berry was deputy assistant secretary and acting assistant secretary for law enforcement at the Department of the Treasury, where he was responsible for almost half of the federal law enforcement community, including the Secret Service and the ATF. He then served as assistant secretary for policy, management and budget at the Department of the Interior.

From 2001 to 2008, Berry pursued his interest in conservation as director of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and then as director of the National Zoo.

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  1. Mr. Berry, I have a question that I sent to OPM a while back. I will retire shortly with 30 years under the CSRS system. This will be a voluntary retirement. After I have been retired for about one year, I am thinking I may want to come back into the Federal service. In a totally different type job. I have been told that if I do, my retirement check will be deducted by the amount of salary I make. Some one quoted me a law regarding this, but the quoted law was about TSP not my question. I work with many Civil Service people and many Military people. The Military people retire from the Navy, and the next day are picked up by our agency as Civil Service. Their Military retirement check is not getting a deduction due to their Civil Service paycheck. These are both retired Officers and Enlisted people. Why would I lose part of my retirement check? And not the Military? Thank you for your assistance.

  2. First thing I recommend you change is the eagle on the OPM shield. Looks more like a bat.

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