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Accreditation Body The Cyber AB Advocates for National Cybersecurity Strategy; Matthew Travis Quoted

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Accreditation group The Cyber AB expressed its support for the new National Cybersecurity Strategy released by the Biden administration on Thursday.

The organization, which was founded from the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification initiative, specifically lauded the national strategy’s provisions on regulatory compliance and defense of critical infrastructure.

“We applaud this effort by the Office of the National Cyber Director and welcome the shift to rebalancing cybersecurity responsibilities and the realigning of cybersecurity incentives that the Strategy calls for,” said Cyber AB CEO Matthew Travis. “We see CMMC aligning directly to many of the Strategy’s objectives.”

Travis cited the strategy’s pillar on establishing and harmonizing cybersecurity requirements to support national security is similar to CMMC’s foundational tenets.

He also endorsed the strategy’s pledge to improve industry accountability through federal procurement, likening it to existing CMMC policies. “CMMC provides a scalable framework with third-party validation that can and should be utilized within other sectors and throughout government contracting to manage digital risk within supply chains,” he explained.