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Report: Congressional Negotiators Agree on $45B Increase to FY23 NDAA Topline

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Senate and House negotiators working on a compromise on an annual defense policy bill agreed to add $45 billion to the Biden administration’s defense spending plans, a move that would set the fiscal year 2023 National Defense Authorization Act’s topline for national defense at $847 billion, Politico reported Wednesday.

Sources said leaders of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees have addressed their differences on the NDAA and transitioned the bill to both chambers’ leadership to hash out issues on some language that could be added to the compromise version.

According to the report, legislators aim to have the defense policy measure ready for a House vote next week and move the bill to the upper chamber.

In June, the Senate Armed Services Committee approved its FY 2023 NDAA version that would increase the budget topline by $45 billion, bringing the total to $847 billion.

The White House’s FY 2023 budget requested $802 billion for national defense programs.

In addition to the NDAA, Congress still needs to pass a full-year spending package before the stopgap measure expires on Dec. 16.