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Seagate Government Solutions, Cigent Technology Announce Secure Storage Drive Partnership; Mike Moritzkat Quoted

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Seagate Government Solutions and Cigent Technology have partnered and unveiled their collaborative Barracuda 515 M.2 solid state drive to enhance data protection into specific Seagate storage devices through Cigent’s cybersecurity firmware.

Seagate CEO and GM Mike Moritzkat expressed the organization’s excitement in partnering with Cigent in providing a secure client drive that meets important federal government certification requirements while also expressing how the partnership with Cigent is another step in Seagate’s legacy of delivering secure products to the US Government and its affiliates.

The technology for the Barracuda 515 M.2 uses insider detection to produce extensive data access logs in a secure storage device area that cannot be wiped. It also uses block-level verification to confirm that all drive data is completely wiped after a successful erasure attempt.

Cigent’s firmware ensures greater security standards and options even if the device itself has been compromised by physical or virtual attacks. The firmware uses automated threat response that blocks adversaries from bypassing its protections and gaining access to sensitive information.

“Our alliance with SGS makes it easy for SGS’s storage partners to deliver data security to customers that require advanced endpoint data protection,” said Cigent CEO John Benkert.

The company’s Barracuda 515 M.2 SSDs were validated as meeting the Federal Information Processing Standards, which lists a number of government security requirements for data and its encryption, in September. It has also been added to the National Information Assurance Partnership Common Criteria Product Evaluation list.

The collaboration will expand Seagate’s work in advancing storage solutions alongside an additional partnership with Ball Aerospace announced earlier this year. As agreed upon in a Memorandum of Understanding, the two organizations will develop storage and data processing technology for use in space.