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Jessica Rosenworcel to Establish Space Bureau, Office of International Affairs at FCC

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Jessica Rosenworcel, chairwoman of the Federal Communications Commission, said she will reorganize FCC by establishing a space bureau as part of efforts to meet the needs of the satellite industry, advance long-term technical capacity to address policies and enhance coordination with other agencies.

Under the plan, Rosenworcel will work to integrate the international bureau into the space bureau, FCC said Thursday.

“A new Space Bureau at the FCC will ensure that the agency’s resources are appropriately aligned to fulfill its statutory obligations, improve its coordination across the federal government, and support the 21st century satellite industry,” Rosenworcel said.

She also announced plans to form an office of international affairs as part of efforts to enable experts to focus on international communications licensing and regulatory matters.

“Across the board we are working to update our rules, bulk up our ranks at the FCC, and speed up the satellite licensing process. We are also making more spectrum available to fuel our space ambitions,” Rosenworcel said at an event Thursday.