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Christine Wormuth Shares Strategies to Transform Army by 2030 & 2040

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Christine Wormuth, Secretary of the U.S. Army, said that she would like her tenure to be remembered through delivering the Army of 2030 and reducing harmful behavior in the service.

In an interview with Government Matters, Wormuth elaborated on one of six areas she cited to transform into the Army of 2030, saying that they are “working from ground to space” to engineer sensors to “make a transparent battlefield” that would give them combat advantage.

She discussed strategies that the Army is developing based on lessons from the Ukraine invasion. This includes designing low signatures for soldiers using mobile phones to avoid getting targeted and enhancing unmanned aerial system defenses to counter drone threats.

When asked about the successes of Project Convergence, she highlighted progress in bringing together the Armed Forces to jointly design their weapon systems and sensors for interoperability so that they can exchange data. The project is planning a similar collaboration this year with Australian and U.K. allies, establishing a “combined operation, not just a joint operation.”

In 2040, Wormuth envisions the Army to be more sophisticated in the use of artificial intelligence and biotechnology.

She explained that even as they are planning for 2030, she is brainstorming with Army Futures Commander Gen. James Rainey about the operating concepts and capabilities needed in 20 years so that they can work with industry and determine foundational investments.