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Christine Wormuth on 6 Things to Build the Army of 2030

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Army Secretary Christine Wormuth said the service needs to do six fundamental things to transform into the Army of 2030 and the first two are seeing and sensing more at every echelon than adversaries and concentrating “highly lethal, low signature combat forces rapidly from dispersed locations to overwhelm adversaries.”

Wormuth noted that the Army should deliver as part of the Joint Force precise, longer-range fires against deep targets, protect troops from missile, drone and air attacks and rapidly share data and communicate with other services and coalition partners.

And sixth, we’ve got to sustain the fight across contested terrain for both short, sharp operations as well as for protracted conflict,” she said Monday during the opening ceremony for the 2022 AUSA meeting.

Wormuth stated that the Army will use advances in data analytics to speed up the decision-making process and closely work with industry to build technological capabilities to realize the Army of 2030 vision.

With systems like ARES, ARTEMIS, TITAN, and Air Launched Effects we are developing a network of manned and unmanned sensors that will enable us to sense more, farther, and more persistently than our enemies,” she said.

Wormuth mentioned that the service is advancing platforms like the Mobile Protective Firepower and Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle to improve the survivability of maneuver forces and is pursuing the development of long-range hypersonic weapon, Extended Range Cannon Artillery and Precision Strike Missile to enable the Army to increase the range of fires and avoid conventional air defense systems.

She offered updates on the Army’s efforts to modernize its air defense capabilities and strengthen its capability to deliver logistics and sustainment support to the Joint Force in the Indo-Pacific as well as the service’s progress across its six modernization priorities.