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Johns Hopkins to Help Train Future Space Force Leaders; Katharine Kelley Quoted

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The U.S. Space Force has teamed up with the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies to provide professional development and specialized facilities to the service branch’s prospective leaders.

As part of the partnership, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory specialists will offer insights and hands-on training on emerging and existing technologies for Space Force mission use, APL said Wednesday.

The Maryland-based research center will lend its facilities to train top candidates of USSF’s Intermediate and Senior Developmental Education.

“To develop superior space capabilities and deliver warfighting solutions, we must deliberately grow our Guardians to think, act and fight strategically with an understanding of how they fit into the larger ecosystem of the space community,” said Katharine Kelley, deputy chief of space operations for human capital at USSF.

Aside from military professional development, the personnel at the branch will also undergo master’s degree-level education on advanced science, technology, engineering and math.

APL cited its development and delivery of the Deep Space Advanced Radar Concept demonstrator to USSF as an example of the lab’s national security mission support work.