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USSF Links Space Surveillance Radar System to Sensor Data Management Platform

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The U.S. Space Force has implemented a data ingestion capability that connects the service branch’s content management platform to a ground-based surveillance radar used to detect and track objects in space.

USSF said Friday its Unified Data Library now includes data observed through the Space Fence on Kwajalein Island in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Space Systems Command demonstrated the direct sensor connection process over a 30-day test period that concluded on April 5th.

The capability represents the first direct link between UDL and the Department of Defense’s Space Surveillance Network, which comprises ground and space-based sensors deployed worldwide.

Colorado-based technology company Bluestaq helped USSF develop the cloud-based UDL to collect, process and disseminate data products from the government, commercial and academic sectors.

Lockheed Martin-built and installed the Space Fence under a $914.7 million contract the U.S. Air Force awarded in 2014.