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DOD-Backed R&D Center for 6G Systems Launched at Northeastern University

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A Northeastern University institute has launched Open6G, a research hub that is focused on advancing sixth generation mobile networks and is supported by the Department of Defense.

The federal-industry-university cooperative facility seeks to drive research and development of beyond-5G systems through funding from the Innovate Beyond 5G program of the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, the university’s Institute for the Wireless Internet of Things said Tuesday.

Open6G is expected to be a center for R&D, demonstration and commercialization of open, programmable and disaggregated 6G applications. Studies will include mmWave and terahertz systems, Web 3.0, future spectrum access and exploitation, artificial intelligence and machine learning as well as augmented and virtual reality.

It will be headquartered at the university’s Burlington, Massachusetts innovation campus, near other technology facilities such as Colosseum, the biggest emulator of virtualized wireless systems in the world.

Some of WIoT’s industry partners for the initiative are Raytheon Technologies, Mitre, NVIDIA, Dell Technologies, AT&T, Dell Technologies and Red Hat.

“The Open6G Center will accelerate core beyond-5G protocol stack components that serve both DOD and commercial wireless requirements and applications,” said Sumit Roy, program director for Innovate Beyond 5G at OUSD(R&E).