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GovCon Expert Mark Amtower Joins GOA-TSS as VP of Communications

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Mark Amtower, a managing partner of advisory firm Amtower & Co. and a member of Executive Mosaic’s GovCon Expert program, announced via LinkedIn that he has joined GOA-TSS (Growth Officers Association – Taking Sales Seriously) as its vice president of Communications.

In a relation-driven market, growing and managing your business network has never been more critical. For 37 years, Mark Amtower has advised companies of all sizes on the best practices in marketing to the government. 

GOA-TSS is a non-profit membership organization working to expand the network of growth leaders in the GovCon market. GOA-TSS provides a forum for growth executives to connect with other sales leaders and interact with GOA-TSS to help its members expand relationships across the industry and build a network of colleagues to meet.

The company was co-founded by Helene Johnson & Carol Papillo, who act as board chair and president for the company, respectively, to create a community-driven organization that supports growth officers in the government contracting community.

During a recent conversation where the co-founders highlighted the formation of GOA-TTS and detailed the impact of the pandemic “new normal, Helene Johnson said the following: 

“GOA-TTS offers advantages to both large and small businesses.  In addition, members of other associations in the federal space are typically below the growth executive whereas GOA-TTS appeals to # growth officers with focus on JVs, M&As and different teaming constructs,” she explained. 

About GovCon Expert Mark Amtower

Since 2009, Amtower has been coaching GovCon companies and individuals on leveraging LinkedIn. It’s not about learning how to be “on” LinkedIn. It’s about learning how to more fully leverage LinkedIn to market the Federal government in ways that were never possible before.