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Redhorse CEO John Zangardi: ‘Comply-to-Connect’ is a Foundational Building Block of Zero-Trust

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John Zangardi, CEO of Redhorse Corporation and a 2022 Wash100 Award winner, recently wrote an opinion piece with C4ISR.net, discussing the importance of zero-trust architecture in order to maximize cybersecurity funding and the sense of urgency ensuring the steps that are necessary to protect U.S. networks and financial institutions. 

During the featured article, John Zangardi highlighted the deliberate actions that the current administration has taken to confront the emerging threats that are impacting the federal sector as well as the civilian side, industry and the electric, oil/pipeline and water sectors and the impact that 

“While I was at DoD and DHS, I viewed Comply-to-Connect and Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation as a path to enforce Zero Trust principles,” Zangardi emphasized…”What compelled me to think that way was the emphasis in the C2C policy to assess an endpoint’s security posture before granting any access to resources on the network…C2C is a foundational building block of Zero Trust ensuring secure access to data.”

In addition, John Zangardi also discussed the importance of maximizing existing resources like the work DISA has done with C2C andCDM programs and the dynamic cyber domain that will continue to provide confidence for operational leaders across the federal government. 

“Don’t assume trust. Don’t fall prey to rogue devices. Getting quickly to a Zero Trust architecture is more important than ever,” Zangardi explained. “Implementing C2C is a means available now to continuously identify and control access for all endpoints connecting to the network, making a comprehensive Zero Trust architecture achievable.”

Recently, John Zangardi participated in a video interview with Executive Mosaic to discuss the reputational implications of cyber attacks and the dangers of “putting all your eggs in one basket” with a singular cybersecurity vendor or service provider. 

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