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George Mason University Center for Government Contracting Publishes ‘Implementing Responsible AI’ White Paper; GovCon Expert Jerry McGinn Quoted

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George Mason University’s Center for Government Contracting released its latest white paper, “Implementing Responsible AI: Proposed Framework for Data Licensing” on Friday to improve the licensing strategies required to better address the unique challenges of acquiring AI solutions.

“Data licensing agreements are critical and Andrew and Ben have developed an excellent framework for crafting custom use licenses that will help drive successful AI projects for government and industry,” said GovCon Expert Jerry McGinn, the Center’s Executive Director and a 2022 Wash100 Award winner.

The white paper was written by the following authors:

Benjamin McMartin, Esq., senior fellow with GMU’s Center for Government Contracting

Major Andrew Bowne, Chief Legal Counsel for the Department of the Air Force / AI Accelerator with MIT

In the latest white paper, McMartin and Bowne provide a practical framework that integrates cutting-edge AI solutions and adheres to Responsible AI principles, which includes use cases to demonstrate how custom data licenses can balance the need for access and use of data and software for RAI purposes against industry partners’ desire to protect their IP and maintain standardized commercial licensing practices.

Recently, the Center for Government Contracting also released a playbook that explores the necessary changes in acquisition approach and mindset to ensure that the defense acquisition system can maintain its advantage for the U.S. in the global space.

According to the report, the first three plays enable iteration and modularity needed to advance the next three plays that apply to contracts with software-intensive content. These software-intensive plays are agile work statements, modular contracts and intellectual property.

“We worked to identify the practices that acquisition professionals and their industry counterparts can use now to innovate, iterate, scale, and field effective military capabilities for United States forces,” GovCon Expert Jerry McGinn explained. “Many of these practices are being used in programs, but widespread adoption will help drive culture change across the acquisition community.”