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Red Hat Public Sector VP, GM Clara Conti Talks Perseverance & Success With Potomac Officers Club

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Red Hat’s public sector Vice President and General Manager, Clara Conti, a 20-year technology industry veteran who is also a 2022 Wash100 Award winner, was featured recently in an Executive Spotlight interview with the Potomac Officers Club to speak about her journey through the federal sector and the guiding principles that drive her personal and professional growth. 

In this excerpt from her interview, Conti shares insightful advice, informed by her deep industry expertise, for professionals looking to achieve success in their fields:

“I do not subscribe to ‘catching lightning in a bottle’ or ‘getting lucky.’ The effort you put in will reflect the true measure of your success. 

That success won’t necessarily happen overnight. This is something that everyone needs to understand, particularly women entering our field. There are a lot of women who enter the technology industry and drop out before they even have a chance to really build their careers. 

My advice is to keep coming onto the field—and stick with it! Rough patches will come, and they will challenge you. Ride them out. Follow through. Keep building those relationships. And be patient. Because perseverance will be noticed, and humility, curiosity and authenticity are innate and cannot be masqueraded. Keep in mind your customers deserve the best you have to offer, and you will be successful.”

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