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Deltek Maintains High Profile in User Feedback-Generated G2 Report; CCO Brian Daniell Quoted

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Software company Deltek has received the highest possible marks on a customer-generated ranking of effective enterprise resource planning programs.

This is the sixth consecutive quarter that programs such as Deltek Costpoint and Deltek Vantagepoint have earned the company ‘leader’ designations on the G2 ERP Grid Report for Project-Based ERP, the Herndon, Virginia-based company said Thursday.

“We appreciate that our customers take the time to provide their valuable feedback on the G2 platform. We read feedback from our customers and use that to help inform us on what innovations and product enhancements will move the needle for their businesses,” said Deltek Chief Customer Officer Brian Daniell.

In the G2 report, Deltek was decorated as a momentum leader, a mid-market leader and a high performer for small businesses. The customer feedback and market impact-informed classifications fall into four categories: leaders, high performers, contenders or niche players.

Deltek Costpoint is a program built for the government contracting lifecycle, with a specific focus on project accounting and resource management. Customizable for projects of all scopes, Costpoint digitizes the daunting paperwork involved in contracting development and submission and attempts to ease the process as much as it can.

Deltek Vantagepoint is tailored to professional services firms, particularly A&E and consulting firms. It is intended to increase revenue as well as heighten output and foster connections between coworkers and is equipped with features such as interactive dashboards, visual project scheduling and streamlined invoicing and billing.

G2 is a service that collects user reviews in order to direct buyers to the products that will best suit their needs. Regarding Costpoint, one user said it “has made its mark and is the only accounting ERP that a company needs,” while another attested Vantagepoint “does everything you want it to and that the user interface is a difference-maker.”