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Air Force Research Lab Seeks Comments on Cislunar Highway Patrol System Draft Solicitation

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The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory has published the draft request for prototype proposals for the development of a satellite that will deliver spatial situational awareness in cislunar space.

The AFRL Space Vehicles Directorate asks partners from the Space Enterprise Consortium to submit comments on the Cislunar Highway Patrol System draft solicitation by April 1st, the Air Force Materiel Command said Monday.

The CHPS satellite is aimed toward the detection and tracking of spacecraft, debris, rocket bodies and other objects in regions 385,000 km from Earth that are beyond the reach of the U.S. Space Force’s existing sensors.

The system will also provide the Department of Defense an opportunity to test long-range communications and navigation technologies and practice operations while managing the gravitational environment in cislunar space.

AFRL is interested in hearing from companies that may have ideas that differ from ours, and could contribute to the satellite’s capabilities,” explained Michael Lopez, CHPS’ program manager.

Contracting opportunities for the satellite development will be released through the SpEC other transaction agreement.