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SambaNova Systems GPT Training Program Earns High Marks; CEO Rodrigo Liang and SVP Marshall Choy Quoted

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Palo Alto, California-based software company SambaNova Systems has demonstrated best-in-its-class numbers for speed and performance of GPT training.

The company, whose programs specialize in artificial intelligence applications, announced Tuesday that its Dataflow-as-a-Service GPT training software has been exercising 2.1x faster performance than its competitors.

“The reality is, ultimately these metrics don’t matter the most. At SambaNova, we measure success by the value we deliver for our customers, who are achieving real, transformational business impact from AI, today,” said Marshall Choy, SambaNova Systems senior vice president of product.

SambaNova says its customers are additionally rewarded by the program’s low-code/no-code API interfaces, its boosted speed of completion via elimination of complexities and its fast-paced time to train and throughput.

“SambaNova’s DaaS offering delivers what organizations want – the ability to deploy state-of-the-art deep learning capabilities to solve real business problems in weeks, not months or years,” said Rodrigo Liang, SambaNova Systems CEO.

According to Dan Fagella, CEO and head of research at Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research, AI technologies have made sizable gains in prominence for regular workplaces in the last four years.

Fagella says that as AI technologies become a focal point for business strategies, workloads and work life are going to see major shifts. Programs like Dataflow-as-a-Service and others like it, such as those offered by Nvidia, are seeing a similar increase in usage.

Echoing this, in survey results released in January 2022, SambaNova said that about 78 percent of companies have deemed AI and machine learning as significant revenue drivers for the next year.

In November 2021, the company also began accepting applications for an AI membership program called ELEVAITE that aims to provide guidance and support on companies beginning their AI programs. Dataflow-as-a-Service will most likely play a role in such training.