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Aeyon Earns Spot on JAIC and DoD-Funded BPA to Provide AI Services

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Aeyon has won a spot on a test and evaluation blank purchase agreement from the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center to provide artificial intelligence-related test tools, capabilities and services.

Under the BPA, Aeyon will be responsible for developing, integrating, operating and implementing AI technologies in order to bolster JAIC and Department of Defense processes, the management consulting firm said Tuesday.

Ayeon will be expected to further the DoD and U.S. federal government’s goals in the artificial intelligence field. Funded by the JAIC’s BPA, the company’s services will encompass test and evaluation technology, tools and solutions and I&V procedures.

Their work will also involve emerging technologies and joint common foundation alignment/integration.

Using the results of this work, the JAIC and DoD hope to be able to test and validate AI capabilities with speed and precision so that they may be incorporated into future DoD assignments.

The DoD’s JAIC branch was founded in 2018 for this reason – so that it can screen AI technologies and determine their value and place within the U.S. defense enterprise. The branch was also established in order to increase and intensify the utilization of AI as part of the DoD’s official artificial intelligence strategy.

The BPA comes as a landmark win for the newly formed Aeyon. The firm arose from a merger between data analytics and management consulting provider Artlin Consulting and technology-enabled automation service company Shelke Consulting in September 2021.

One of Sehlke’s specialties was its robotic process automation software capability, an example of AI equipment.