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Code-X Announces Lattice-Based Data Protection Platform; Darren LaCroix Quoted

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Code-X announced on Thursday its first-ever commercially available lattice-based data protection platform validated by the Department of Defense (DOD) and Intelligence Community. The platform successfully passed federal government tests demonstrating its ability to protect sensitive information and critical systems across multiple environments simultaneously. 

“For years, experts have warned of the increased threat of malicious actors and nation-states in the IT world. With accelerating advancements in technology and the threat of quantum computing looming, these advances will continue to work against organizations protecting the world’s most sensitive data,” commented Darren LaCroix, Code-X founder and CEO.

“The Code-X platform is purpose-built to ensure highly regulated organizations can authenticate and trust that their data and systems are secure. Our combination of proprietary technology and lattice equations make the Code-X platform the first-ever efficient, lattice-based security solution that helps organizations reverse the trend of malicious toolsets being on a parallel path with the advancement of technology,” added LaCroix. 

The company created the platform by  applying proprietary techniques to create five dimensions of security, acting simultaneously and rendering nearly all modern malicious tools obsolete. Code-X’s structuring, networking, authentication, management and monitoring of data and systems in real-time prevents data corruption or loss.

“As a leader in U.S. intelligence and global cyber programs, I have been privileged to lead our nation’s most talented cyber operation professionals and the leading-edge cyber tools they employed. I also had a unique perspective into companies claiming to address every type of cyber vulnerability,” said Lt. Gen. Vincent Stewart (Ret.), Code-X Team Member. 

 “Code-X approaches cybersecurity from an entirely different perspective than other companies. Through its unique architecture and design, Code-X delivers a truly novel encryption and authentication solution that solves today’s most complex data security challenges while preparing organizations for future threats,” concluded Stewart.