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Chase Levinson: Automation Tech Helps Army Move Away From Legacy Financial System

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Chase Levinson
Chase Levinson Program Analyst U.S. Army

Chase Levinson, program lead for robotics process automation (RPA) in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial Management and Control, said the technology worked to accelerate the Standard Operations Maintenance Research and Development System (SOMARDS) retirement process, Nextgov reported Thursday.

He told attendees at a digital event Wednesday his team helped the service branch divest SOMARDS faster using an automated approach. The Army aimed to transfer information from the legacy financial management system into the web-based General Fund Enterprise Business System during the government's 2021 fiscal year.

“[RPA] enables us to pay down our technical debt, to divest from legacy systems and provide the new capabilities where it would otherwise be very difficult to affect those changes,” Levinson was quoted as saying.

He added that automation technology has the potential to drive the adoption of tools that could affect system changes and help enterprises manage operational efficiency.