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National AI Initiative Office Launches Online Portal for Programs, Initiatives

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The White House's National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office has launched the AI.gov website to offer public information about federal initiatives and programs related to the emerging technology.

Lynne Parker, deputy U.S. chief technology officer and director of NAIIO, wrote in an official post Wednesday the online resource is designed to help site visitors learn how they can pursue AI opportunities and what the government is doing to facilitate its adoption.

“The National AI Initiative (NAII) builds upon several years of impactful AI policy actions, many of which were outcomes from EO 13859 on Maintaining American Leadership in AI," Parker noted.

She said the U.S. AI strategy is structured around research and development prioritization; research infrastructure modernization; technical standards facilitation and management of trustworthy AI; workforce training; international engagement; AI and national security integration.

NAIIO was established in January within the White House Office of Science and Technology to serve as the central hub for technical and program information communication between agencies and external stakeholders, including the academe and nonprofit organizations.

The office is accepting suggestions and recommendations through its website on how it can achieve goals toward the advancement of AI technology.