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State Department’s Gerald Caron: TIC 3.0 Guidelines Support Flexible Cybersecurity Requirements, Zero-Trust Implementation

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Gerald Caron, an official at the State Department, said the Trusted Internet Connections 3.0 (TIC 3.0) guidance enables agencies to drive zero-trust implementation while benefiting from flexible security requirements, Federal News Network reported Tuesday.

Caron, who serves as director of enterprise network management at the State Department’s Bureau of Information Resources, said at a prior webinar that TIC 3.0 allows agencies to move away from TIC 2.0’s “prescriptive” security guidelines.

He noted that the guide’s updated version focuses on identifying use cases for the more flexible guidelines in line with agencies’ business needs, architectures and modernization goals. Determining where the TIC 3.0 guidelines fit is also key to streamlining data management for cloud environments, according to Caron.

“I think how edge computing will have the biggest impact is how it integrates, how it fits into that overall plan that you want to accomplish in that architecture, and how it interacts with the other tools,” he said. “So looking at the bigger picture is really important.”