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Gen. John Raymond: Space Force Begins Work on Declassification Strategy

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Gen. John “Jay” Raymond, chief of space operations and a 2021 Wash100 Award winner, said the U.S. Space Force is working on a declassification strategy to help facilitate integration across the joint forces and with international partners, C4ISRNET reported Wednesday.

Raymond said Wednesday at a virtual event with the National Press Club that parts of the new service’s mission are being hampered by the classification mechanism.

“The main mission of the United States Space Force is to deter conflict from beginning or extending into space, and I’m convinced that if you want to change the deterrence calculus, if you will, of an adversary, you have to be able to communicate. If you have everything classified, that really limits your ability to deter conflict,” said Raymond.

He noted that the service is also working to improve integration with commercial partners by providing them more access to classified data.

“You’ll see us as we develop new programs and review older programs, review it with a lens of deterrence and a lens of integration. And so you’ll see us continue to make classification decisions that will enable that deterrence and that integration,” added Raymond.

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