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New Collaborative Pilot Program Aims to Bolster DHS Tech Dev’t

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The Department of Homeland Security has co-launched a collaborative pilot program that aims to accelerate the development of technologies in support of the DHS mission.

DHS said Tuesday its Science and Technology Directorate has partnered with technology company BMNT, nonprofit Common Mission Project and other DHS components to pursue the Hacking for Homeland Security or H4HS pilot program.

The program engages with academia to identify and develop new concepts and technologies that address real-world problems faced by DHS.

“The H4HS Program will be an opportunity for S&T and DHS components to test a unique innovation program focused on reframing problems and developing unique solutions,” said Megan Mahle, director of industry partnerships at S&T.

H4HS builds on the Hacking for Defense academic course that trains students to address national security and intelligence issues via modern entrepreneurial approaches.

Student participants of H4HS will receive opportunities to learn from experts about homeland security technologies. The program's next course will take place next spring with a focus on issues faced by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.