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Navy Releases Shipbuilding Plan Based on Force Structure Study; David Norquist Quoted

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The U.S. Navy has unveiled a shipbuilding plan that aims to expand the naval fleet in support of the great power competition and future peacekeeping, DoD News reported Thursday. The annual 30-year shipbuilding plan demands a modernized, expanded fleet that will consist of both manned and unmanned naval vessels.

The Navy built the plan on a study, titled “Future Naval Force Structure,” which aimed to identify long-term peacekeeping methods. The study identified new pursuits such as the use of small, multi-mission vessels that would streamline how the Navy assigns ships to missions.

"Our vision of a free and open international order depends upon our ability to maintain U.S. maritime dominance and freedom of maneuver," said David Norquist, deputy secretary of defense and a two-time Wash100 Award winner.