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NASA Unveils Members of ‘Artemis Team’; Jim Bridenstine Quoted

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NASA has named the 18 astronauts that will serve as part of a team responsible for helping the agency prepare for Artemis deep-space missions including the planned moon landing in 2024.

NASA said Thursday that Vice President Mike Pence unveiled the Artemis Team members during this year’s National Space Council meeting at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The astronauts, which were selected based on eligibility for initial moon missions, will help NASA and its industry partners develop hardware requirements, crew training activities and technologies such as the human landing system.

The team will also engage with the public in support of the Artemis program and future NASA missions.

“We are incredibly grateful for the president and vice president’s support of the Artemis program, as well as the bipartisan support for all of NASA’s science, aeronautics research, technology development, and human exploration goals,” said NASA Administrator and former Wash100 Award recipient Jim Bridenstine.

NASA plans to add more members to the team as needed and announce fight missions for the team members at a later date.

The team members are:

  • Joseph Acaba
  • Kayla Barron
  • Raja Chari
  • Matthew Dominick
  • Victor Glover
  • Warren Hoburg
  • Jonny Kim
  • Christina Hammock Koch
  • Kjell Lindgren
  • Nicole Mann
  • Anne McClain
  • Jessica Meir
  • Jasmin Moghbeli
  • Kate Rubins
  • Frank Rubio
  • Scott Tingle
  • Jessica Watkins
  • Stephanie Wilson