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Col. William Young: Air Force’s Spectrum Warfare Unit to Focus on Software-Defined Tech

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Col. William Young
Col. William Young U.S. Air Force

Col. William Young, incoming commander of the U.S. Air Force's 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing, has said the new component will focus on expanding the use of software-defined technologies for electronic warfare applications, C4ISRnet reported Wednesday. The electromagnetic spectrum warfare wing is slated to go live in March under the Air Force Warfare Center’s oversight.

Young told attendees at a recent  Air Force Association virtual event that he envisions the 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing to rapidly deploy capabilities without disrupting battle plans or altering hardware or underlying forces.

He cited new approaches to electronic warfare such as exploiting open architectures and software features as well as satellite-driven, edge-level capabilities to piece disparate technologies together.

“The power of that competitive advantage is not merely in the technology,” Young said. Rather, the forces at the edge innovate by looking at the capabilities available to them and string them all together, he explained.

The Air Force first announced plans to establish the wing in November.