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Air Force Looks to Create Electromagnetic Spectrum Warfare Wing in 2021

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The U.S. Air Force (USAF) plans to establish a new wing that will focus on warfare operations involving the electromagnetic spectrum by March 2021, C4ISRnet reported Tuesday.

The 355th Spectrum Warfare Wing will fall under the oversight of the Air Force Warfare Center. Col. William Young, former commander of the 53rd Electronic Warfare Group, will head the new Air Force component.

Lt. Gen. Christopher Weggeman, deputy commander of the  Air Combat Command (ACC), said at an AFCEA event that the new Air Force component will work to develop, test and integrate electronic-warfare hardware and software while providing assistance for EM combat operations.

Brig. Gen. Marty Reynolds, vice commander of the Air Force Warfare Center, noted that the wing will also house experts on the EM spectrum that will support the development of technologies for electronic attack jamming and electronic protection measures.

He added that securing data and edge-level computing is important so operators could aggregate the data and make predictions based on the analysis.

Weggeman and Reynolds' comments come after the Air Force realigned ACC's EM spectrum management component to the Headquarters Air Force.