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Army Wraps Up Robotic Combat Vehicle Demo

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The U.S. Army tested surrogate robotic combat vehicles (RCV) during a soldier operational experiment activity to validate the capabilities an RCV may bring to a rifle platoon.

Participants fielded four Project Origin vehicles to carry out defense, contact and attack maneuvers during the month-long exercise, the service branch said Monday. The operators employed warfighter machine interfaces installed on dismounted operator control units to control the vehicles.

"[Ground Vehicle Systems Center, the Next Generation Combat Vehicles cross-functional team and Army Capabilities Manager- Infantry CFT] will use this feedback to shape and inform potential force structures within the Infantry Brigade Combat Team during the ongoing RCV Campaign of Learning," said Brig. Gen. Ross Coffman, director at NGCV CFT.

The Army also tested a modular smoke obscuration module, a tethered unmanned aerial system, a Commonly Remote Operated Weapon System, an autonomous drive capability and a counter-drone technology.