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ArchIntel Announces Competitive Intelligence Event Roundtable Series Membership to Promote CI Professional Networking

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ArchIntel, a market leader in open source daily intelligence, competitive intelligence reports and competitive intelligence events, has launched an executive level Competitive Intelligence Event Roundtable Series to develop a network of support for leaders in the competitive intelligence sector, the company reported on Thursday.

ArchIntel’s CI Roundtable Membership will enable CI professionals to participate in a private and interactive monthly roundtable, tailored specifically to competitive and market intelligence professionals.

During the sessions, notable leaders across the market will exchange best practices, share information and develop professional relationships as well as the opportunity to become an active member of the competitive intelligence community.

“Success is being viewed as a trusted partner by our capture teams and our senior leadership. It is also being viewed as a trusted partner across our sectors and by our counterparts in the other sectors,” said Marcia Altgilbers, Competitive Intelligence & Price-to-Win director of BAE Systems, during her Competitive Intelligence Spotlight with ArchIntel.

The ArchIntel Events will feature both peer level as well as industry recognized experts across a variety of competitive intelligence topics, technologies and market forces. The membership also offers 50 percent off all upcoming ArchIntel Events and ten percent off all new products and services offered by ArchIntel.

Visit ArchIntel.com to learn more about the Competitive Intelligence Roundtable Membership and the benefits it offers to support professionals throughout the competitive and market intelligence sectors. Working in tandem with a network of CI professionals will position your company to find and maintain success in the industry.

ArchIntel’s announcement follows the recent publication of the company’s “State of Competitive Intelligence: Through the Lens of the Competitive Intelligence Executive” Compendium. ‘The State of Competitive Intelligence’ Compendium has further addressed how CI practitioners can continue to advance intelligence as competition rises to continue to be successful in the field.