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USAF Physically Tests Gray Wolf Prototype Missile

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Air Force Research Laboratory and the 416th Flight Test Squadron have demonstrated a cruise missile prototype designed for subsonic, networked performance.

AFRL's Gray Wolf prototype missiles are built to operate as a group against objects that threaten air defense, AF Test Center said Tuesday. Gray Wolf also offers a variable payload feature.

The test took place at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., where the prototype demonstrated physical flight.

“Gray Wolf is a science and technology demonstration effort, intended as a proof of concept program,” said Conor Most, a flight test engineer from the 416th FLTS.

“With just one captive carry flight, the team learned more than in weeks or months of laboratory testing," he added, emphasizing the importance of physical testing as opposed to complete reliance on simulations.

The test follows a high-altitude flight trial of the missile's TDI-J85 engine earlier this year.