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Maj. Gen. Stephen Whiting Nominated to Lead Space Operations Command

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Maj. Gen. Stephen Whiting, deputy commander of the U.S. Space Force, has been nominated to serve as head of Space Operations Command at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado.

He is also in line to receive a promotion to the rank of lieutenant general, the Department of Defense said Wednesday.

In his current capacity, Whiting helps oversee the service branch that supports the U.S. military’s launch, communications, space awareness, missile warning and command and control operations.

He assumed the role in November 2019 before Air Force Space Command was renamed USSF and became the sixth branch of the country’s armed forces.

Whiting previously served as commander of the Combined Force Space Component Command and 14th Air Force, the 614th Air and Space Operations Center and the 21st Space Wing.

SpOC will be one of the three field commands under the USSF organizational structure and tasked with providing space forces and systems to the nation, combatant commanders, the joint force and coalition partners.