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CISA Issues Guide on TDoS-Based Attacks to Emergency Comms Centers

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The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has released a fact sheet on telephony denial of service attacks (TDoS) and how stakeholders can prevent these threats from disrupting public safety operations. CISA said Tuesday that TDoS attacks are meant to overload the networks of emergency communications facilities such as 911 dispatch centers through various attack vectors.

The guide, titled “Cyber Risks to 911: Telephony Denial of Service”, provides details on such vectors including botnets, manipulated landline phones, compromised private messaging and mobile phone-based breaches. The fact sheet additionally covers real-life TDoS scenarios and highlights best practices to help agencies prevent TDoS attacks.

CISA’s guide comes after the release of its white paper titled “Cyber Risks to Next Generation 9-1-1” that focuses on strengthening the security posture of emergency communications centers as well as public safety answering points.