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Gen. John Murray: Army Launches Initiatives to Advance AI Throughout the Force

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Gen. John Murray
Gen. John Murray

Gen. John Murray, commander of Army Futures Command and a 2020 Wash100 Award winner, said the Army is introducing three initiatives to help warfighters maintain their edge in the field of artificial intelligence, Defense News reported Wednesday.

Murray cited two personnel programs aimed at promoting AI throughout the military. One of the efforts is a masters program, which will be offered through Carnegie Mellon University to teach warrant officers and noncommissioned officers about AI.

He also described another initiative called “Team Ignite,” which seeks to facilitate collaboration between technologists involved in research-and-development efforts and teams working on military concept of operations.

“It has occurred to me for a long time that when we prepare concepts about how we will fight in the future, they are usually not informed by scientists and what is potentially out there in terms of technology,” he said Wednesday at a Defense Writers Group event. “And when we invest in technologies, rarely do we consult the concept writers to understand what type of technology will fundamentally change the way we fight in the future."