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DHS Issues New Award for Object Detection Engine Dev’t

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Analytical AI, an Alabama-based business, has secured a $199,500 award to help the Department of Homeland Security bolster the Transportation Security Administration’s detection technology via artificial intelligence.

The company will use deep learning algorithms to create a new engine for object identification under DHS Science and Technology Directorate’s Silicon Valley Innovation Program, the department said Friday.

The sought object identification engine would allow security personnel to detect common items within the “stream of commerce,” a concept that makes a person liable for market items that cause public harm.

DHS S&T filed the effort under the program’s Object Recognition and Adaptive Algorithms in Passenger Property Screening solicitation.

“Analytical AI has proposed to develop robust, network-ready screening tools that would meet current TSA requirements with the flexibility to adapt to future TSA mission priorities,” said Melissa Oh, managing director of SVIP.