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DHS S&T’s Melissa Oh on SVIP’s Role in Strengthening Cyber Infrastructure

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Melissa Oh, managing director of Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate’s Silicon Valley Innovation Program, said the SVIP initiative plays a critical role in boosting the nation’s defenses against cyber threats.

In a blog post, Oh said the funding program expands DHS S&T’s reach to identify new technologies designed to strengthen national security by partnering with the innovation community.

“The program reaches out to innovation communities across the nation and around the world to harness the commercial R&D ecosystem for technologies with government applications and to co-invest in and accelerate technology transition-to-market,” Oh explained.

SVIP has identified 16 technologies from three separate cybersecurity topic areas, namely internet of things security, financial services cyber security active defense and identity and anti-spoofing of non-person entities.

The program has an open other transaction solicitation that have up to five phases and a total funding of approximately $75 million over the next five years.

“Since its inception, SVIP has remained committed to identifying and developing the most innovative technology to support DHS in its mission to fortify the nation’s cybersecurity,” Oh said.