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IBM Advances Watson’s Ability to Understand the Language of Business; Rob Thomas Quoted

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IBM has announced its plan to integrate Project Debater technologies into Watson to advance clients’ ability to exploit natural language, marking the only AI system capable of debating humans on complex topics, the company announced on Wednesday.

“We’re harvesting technology from Project Debater and integrating it into Watson to enable businesses to capture, analyze, and understand more from human language and start to transform how they utilize intellectual capital that’s codified in data,” said Rob Thomas, General Manager, IBM Data and AI.

IBM has integrated three technologies into Watson, including analysis, briefs and clustering to enhance user experience. The company’s Advanced Sentiment AnalysisI has enhanced sentiment analysis to better identify word schemes like idioms and sentiment shifters.

The technology will be integrated into Watson Natural Language Understanding by April 2020. IBM has created a new classification technology that will enable clients to create AI models that can classify clauses that occur in business documents, like procurement contracts.

Under briefs, IBM’s technology will extract textual data from a variety of sources to provide users with a summary of what is being said and written about a particular topic. The company’s technology has been used at The GRAMMYS to analyze, blogs and bios to produce summarized insights on hundreds artists and celebrities.

The company also has integrated advanced topic clustering to build on new insights gained from Project Debater. The new topic clustering techniques will enable users to “cluster” incoming data to create meaningful “topics” of related information, which can then be analyzed.

Other companies have started to integrate IBM’s Watson developments. KPMG worked with IBM to create an AI solution based on a variety of Watson services, including Watson Natural Language Understanding. The technology has improved companies ability to identify, claim and retain potential R&D income tax credits.

In the past year, KPMG clients have seen more potential for R&D tax credits, with some projects even seeing more than a one-thousand percent increase in the number of documents reviewed. The solution helps clients uncover more potential activities that qualify for additional income tax credits, while reducing business disruption.

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