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Commission Report Calls for US Gov’t to Execute Structural Changes to Address Cyber Threats

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A Cyberspace Solarium Commission report recommends the creation of new cybersecurity-focused independent committees in Congress and a Senate-confirmed national cyber director at the White House, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

The commission concluded that the U.S. government needs to implement structural reforms to address cyber threats that jeopardize economic and national security, according to the report obtained by the publication.

“The U.S. is currently not designed to act with the speed and agility necessary to defend the country in cyberspace,” the report noted. “Our country has lost hundreds of billions of dollars to nation-state-sponsored intellectual property theft using cyber espionage.”

The 182-page report suggested a “layered cyber deterrence” strategy to reduce the impact of cyber attacks. The strategy includes shaping responsible behavior in cyber space; denying benefits to adversaries; and imposing costs on threat actors who target the U.S. in cyber space.

“This is the 9/11 Commission report without 9/11,” said Sen. Angus King (I-Maine), who co-chaired the commission with Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.). “We understand that this is a tall order.”

The commission’s report is scheduled for release Wednesday, March 11.