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Officials Discuss Efforts of NSA, Cybercom to Advance Election Security

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Brig. Gen. William Hartman of U.S. Cyber Command and David Imbordino of the National Security Agency discussed how Cybercom and NSA help the U.S. government protect U.S. elections from foreign interference.

Hartman and Imbordino, co-leads of the joint election security group of NSA and Cybercom, cited the efforts of both agencies to ensure the security of democratic processes during a panel hosted Tuesday by the University of Southern California’s Election Cybersecurity Initiative, NSA said Wednesday.

“We have a responsibility to do our part to ensure we understand how to secure our own democratic processes based on best info [intelligence] we can possibly produce,” said Hartman, head of the command’s cyber national mission force.

Imbordino discussed how NSA generates and shares insights with the FBI, Department of Homeland of Security and other partner agencies and how it helps interagency partners work with the private sector to counter malicious activities.