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Report: Federal Agencies Making Efforts to Foster Innovation

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The Partnership for Public Service and Seattle-based firm Slalom Consulting released a report stating that 76 percent of private-sector workers feel  motivated to innovate compared to 60 percent of government employees, Nextgov reported Friday. The two entities conducted surveys on 16 federal agencies and identified characteristics that help promote innovation as part of the study.

According to results of the 2018 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, efforts to promote creativity, remove barriers and provide leadership support are the top factors for fostering innovation in federal organizations.

“There are agencies rising to the challenge—creating environments where new ideas are encouraged and are flourishing in areas dealing with national security, global development, health care, federal procurement and space exploration, among others,” the report stated.

Successful initiatives cited in the study include the Department of Homeland Security’s procurement innovation lab, the State Department’s virtual internship program, the Department of Veterans Affairs’ solicitation of healthcare best practices and the Department of Defense’s digital service efforts.