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DLA Holds 4th Annual R&D Industry Day

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Government officials discussed logistics, research and development with industry partners at the 4th Annual Defense Logistics Agency R&D Industry Day. The event, which took place Thursday at the McNamara Headquarters Complex in Virginia, the DLA said Tuesday.

Adarryl Roberts, program executive officer at the DLA, spoke about the issue of obsolescence in equipment procurement. “We don’t get a new tank every five to ten years. We keep our ships, tanks and planes for 30, 40, 50, and in some cases, 60 years,” he said. “We need somebody to make those parts.”

DLA chief information officer George Duchak emphasized the importance of information technology and spoke about the agency’s operations, saying that the DLA issued 9K contracts everyday. He also highlighted logistics research and development, manufacturing technology and subsistence as the agency’s three main areas of research.

According to Koch, the 4th Annual R&D Industry Day had the highest number of attendees compared to previous years.